Monday, November 10, 2014

Mounting remote governance registry

Let's say we have AS instance and G-reg instance, both instance have pointed their governance registry to MySql database.

Now I want to mount the AS's governance registry to G-reg's /_system/as/governance path

1. Shutdown both instances

2. Configurations to be done in G-reg side (in registry.xml file)

mount G-reg governance registry as

<mount path="/_system/governance" overwrite="true">

mount AS governance registry as

<mount path="/_system/as/governance" overwrite="true">

3. Configuration to be done in AS side (in registry.xml file)

mount AS governance registry

<mount path="/_system/governance" overwrite="true">

4. Now we need to do a data migration as follows
Use AS database and execute following sql commands

Update REG_PATH Set REG_PATH_VALUE = REPLACE(REG_PATH_VALUE, '/_system/governance', '/_system/as/governance') where REG_PATH_VALUE like '/_system/governance%';

Update REG_LOG Set REG_PATH = REPLACE(REG_PATH, '/_system/governance', '/_system/as/governance') where REG_PATH like '/_system/governance%';

Update REG_LOG Set REG_ACTION_DATA = REPLACE(REG_ACTION_DATA, '/_system/governance', '/_system/as/governance') where REG_ACTION_DATA like '%/_system/governance%';

Update REG_ASSOCIATION Set REG_SOURCEPATH = REPLACE(REG_SOURCEPATH, '/_system/governance', '/_system/as/governance'), REG_TARGETPATH = REPLACE(REG_TARGETPATH, '/_system/governance', '/_system/as/governance') where REG_SOURCEPATH like '/_system/governance%' or REG_TARGETPATH like '/_system/governance%';

5. Restart the both instances.

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