Sunday, July 17, 2016

WSO2 App Cloud Architecture

App Cloud SaaS application provides an user interface & REST API for app cloud users to deploy their application artifacts. The web UI is developed by Jaggery, and it invokes the REST API, which invokes following backend components to provide the app cloud solution.

Docker Client provides an interface to build images and push to the docker registry.
Kubernetes Client provides an interface to deploy applications in kubernetes cluster
DAO provides an interface to manipulate database operations to store meta data required for App Cloud in App Cloud DB
SOAP Client uses to invoke WSO2 Storage Server admin services to create databases and users

WSO2 Application Server provides an hosting environment to deploy App Cloud SaaS application

WSO2 Identity Server provides identity management configuring SSO with App Cloud SaaS application

WSO2 Storage Server provides RSS instances for app cloud developers to store application data.

WSO2 Data Analytics Server collects statistics published by deployed applications and provides dashboards to the app cloud users.

Docker Registry uses to store application images created using the deployable artifacts and runtimes.

Kubernetes provides runtime for deploy applications. Kubernetes namespaces provides tenant isolation and per pod per container per application will be deployed

End users will access the deployed applications via HAProxy. Further it provides Default URL and Custom URL features apart from load balancing.

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