Sunday, September 4, 2016

Add a new app type to the WSO2 App Cloud

This blog explain how you can add a new app type to the WSO2 App cloud.

Step 1: Get a clone of WSO2 app cloud code base
git clone

Step 2: Create the docker files for the runtime
Please refer our existing docker files when creating new docker files for particular runtime.

Following blog post gives you some details about structure of the docker files

Step 3: Required database changes
When adding new app type you need add some database records, following diagram gives you an idea of database schema.

AC_CLOUD defines the cloud types
AC_APP_TYPE defines app types
AC_RUNTIME defines runtimes
AC_CONTAINER_SPECIFICATIONS defines container specs
AC_TRANSPORT defines the ports we expose for end users

-- insert app type
-- insert app type, cloud mapping
-- insert runtime
-- insert app type, runtime mapping
-- insert container spec if required
-- insert runtime, container spec mapping
-- insert transport if required
-- insert runtime, transport mapping

Step 4: Specify app-type meta data in app-types-properties.json file

This json file we used to load the app type details to the App Cloud UI.
Step 5: Add a sample
We need to add a sample to implement deploy sample option.

Commit your sample archive here:

Specify the sample location here with the property <app_type>_sample_artifact_url

Step 7: Implement endpoints section loading to the app home page
Please refer the followign blog post to see how we have developed the "Endpoints" section per app type.

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