Sunday, September 4, 2016

Loading endpoints to the app home page in WSO2 App Cloud

Currently we have 6 app types in WSO2 App Cloud and when we load a app home page of created applications we can see a section called "Endpoints". This blog post is about how we load endpoints per each and every app type and it's implementation

Loading endpoints for Java web application, Jaggery and PHP app types
for these 3 app types, user have to define the application context, when creating an application
as shown in below image.

Then we append that context to the app version url/default url and display in app home page as below.

Loading endpoints for Microservices app type
for microservices app type, microservices 2.0.0 itself provides a swagger url, we just display the swagger url here.

Loading endpoints for WSO2 dataservices app type
for dataservices app type, we need to invoke the ServiceAdmin soap service to get the endpoints. So we developed a axis2service and deployed in dss runtime, which invokes the ServiceAdmin and return the endpoints to the app cloud.

You can see the axis2Service here:

Loading endpoints for WSO2 ESB app type
for ESB app type, we have developed an API and deployed in ESB runtime to get the SOAP and REST endpoints

You can see the code of the API here:

The implementation code we use to load endpoints per app types, you can find here.

per app type we need to define which mechanism we need to load to the app home page, that we have defined in app-types-properties.json file, as endpointExtractorObject property.

enabling or disabling appContext property, will show/hide Application Context field in Create Application page.

providing a value to the defaultContext will show a default context in Application Context field in Create Application page

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