Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Configure "Secure Vault" to secure plain text passwords in WSO2 config files

If we take a WSO2 product, there are so many config files which contains plain text passwords. This blog post explains how we can secure those passwords.

Let's take WSO2 DAS . analytics-datasource.xml file and secure the password in following configuration.

Step 1:
Go to <WSO2_DAS>/repository/conf/security and add the following line to the file

Create alias with file path, xpath to the element and boolean value true.

Step 2:
Add the following line to the file.

You have to provide the alias with the plain text password

Step 3:
Go to <WSO2_DAS>/bin and execute ./ -Dconfigure

This will,
- Encrypt the password defined in file
- Configure the analytics-datasauces.xml as follows

Step 4: Restart the server.

How to change a password

Configure file with the password you want to change.  You need to remove the encrypted value and replace it with plain text password with  [ ] square brackets.
Execute the ./ -Dconfigure
Start the server.

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