Wednesday, May 4, 2016

How to deactivate the proxy deployed in WSO2 ESB

To deactivate the proxy make the startOnLoad=false. But please note this will deactivate the proxy on next server restart on at the deployment of proxy.

In the server start up, you can see the following logs in the WSO2 ESB console.

[2015-06-01 11:07:51,911] INFO - ProxyService Successfully created the Axis2 service for Proxy service : FileSystemVFSProxy
[2015-06-01 11:07:51,911] INFO - Axis2SynapseController Deployed Proxy service : FileSystemVFSProxy
[2015-06-01 11:07:51,914] INFO - ProxyService Stopped the proxy service : FileSystemVFSProxy
This means that "FileSystemVFSProxy" is not started with WSO2 ESB server.

But once you start up the WSO2 ESB server with startOnLoad="true" and change that to false, it won't deactivate your proxy service unless you restart the WSO2 ESB server.If you need to deactivate the VFS proxy without restarting the WSO2 ESB server you need to deactivate the proxy via WSO2 carbon console.

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